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A robust wrecker towing truck is a heavy-duty vehicle that is used to tow or recover disabled, damaged, or wrecked vehicles. These trucks are typically equipped with a variety of features that make them capable of handling even the most challenging towing situations

PM TRUCK mounted miller wrecker in Middle east and in Africa, this wreckers are designed to be versatile and reliable, with advanced features such as hydraulic systems, winches, and booms that make them effective in a variety of recovery situations. The company’s wreckers are also built to last, with rugged construction and high-quality components that ensure they can withstand the demands of heavy use.

Why Wrecker?

  • To tow a disabled vehicle: If your vehicle breaks down and cannot be driven, you will need a wrecker truck to tow it to a repair shop.
  • To recover a crashed vehicle: If your vehicle is involved in an accident, it may need to be recovered by a wrecker truck.
  • To tow a vehicle that is illegally parked: If a vehicle is illegally parked, it may be towed by a wrecker truck.
  • To tow a vehicle that is blocking the road: If a vehicle is blocking the road, it may be towed by a wrecker truck.
  • To tow a vehicle that is involved in a theft or other criminal activity: If a vehicle is involved in a theft or other criminal activity, it may be towed by a wrecker truck.

Standard Features

Lifting Arm
Lifting Boom
led head light for wrecker
Flash Led Light
winch for recovery truck
tool box / control box for wrecker
Tool Box & Control Box


Tow truck vs tilt and slide recovery truck

A wrecker is also known as a tow truck, plays a crucial role in towing and transporting vehicles. It is essential to opt for a strong and high-quality wrecker to ensure reliable performance. Recognizing this need, PM TRUCK (Precision Machinery LLC), a truck body manufacturer in the UAE, established a partnership with Miller for last 2 decades. This collaboration aims to provide customers with high-quality, customizable truck-mounted wreckers that excel in durability, performance, and lifting capability. By joining forces with Miller, PM TRUCK ensures that its customers have access to reliable and top-of-the-line wreckers, offering peace of mind and efficiency in the challenging task of vehicle towing and recovery.


Light Duty Wrecker

Heavy Duty Wrecker


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