Cargo Bodies

A drop side cargo body is a type of cargo box that is commonly used on trucks and other commercial vehicles for the transportation of goods and materials. This type of body is designed with hinged sides that can be lowered or removed to facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo.

The drop side cargo body is a popular choice for many businesses because it provides easy access to the cargo space. The sides can be quickly lowered or removed, allowing forklifts or other loading equipment to easily place and remove items from the cargo area. This saves time and effort and reduces the risk of damage to the cargo.

Crane With Drop Sides Cargo Body

Drop side cargo bodies are commonly used in the construction industry to transport equipment and materials to job sites. They are also used in agriculture for the transportation of livestock and farm equipment. In addition, they are used in delivery and logistics businesses to transport packages and other goods.

The construction of a drop side cargo body is typically made from steel or aluminum to provide durability and strength. The sides are hinged and secured with locking mechanisms to ensure that the cargo remains secure during transportation. The flooring of the cargo box is typically made from treated wood or other materials that can withstand the weight and wear of the transported goods.

Drop Sides Cargo Body

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