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Tilt and slide back recovery truck are also commonly referred to as slide bed, half down, normal recovery, angle or slide wrecker trucks in the towing and recovery industry. This recovery truck is a specialized tow truck with a hydraulically operated bed that can tilt down and slide out. This design allows for easy and controlled loading of disabled or damaged vehicles onto the truck bed without the need for heavy lifting. Once loaded, the bed is raised, and the vehicle is transported securely on the truck. This type of truck is ideal for transporting high clearance vehicles and commercial Equpment. 
Tilt and slide recovery truck body builder

Why Tilt & Slide Recovery?

Robust design:  PM Truck’s Half Down recovery vehicles are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. They feature a strong body construction and durable components.

Advanced tilt and slide mechanism: PM Truck’s tilt and slide mechanism is one of the most advanced in the Middle east  and  Africa industry. It is smooth, quiet, and efficient.

Damage-free loading and unloading: due to the top recovery truck body builder in UAE These trucks provide a gentle and damage-free way to load & unload vehicles . The bed can be tilted to the ground level, allowing for vehicles to be driven or winched onto the bed without causing further damage.

Ease of use: PM Truck also made Tilt and slide recovery trucks are relatively easy to operate, even for inexperienced operators. The loading platform can be tilted and slid using hydraulic controls, which makes it quick and easy to load and unload vehicles.

A wide range of options: PM Truck offers a wide range of options for its tilt and slide recovery vehicles, including different bed sizes, crane options, and winches. This allows customers to choose a vehicle that is perfectly suited to their specific needs.

Types of Tilt & Slide Recovery

Standard Tilt and Slide Recovery
Full side cover
Second car lift
All in 1


Additional features:
radio control system
Remote Control
truck Rear camara system
Rear Camara
truck air deflector
Wind Breaker
Dual Side Control
Hydraulic Ramp
GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker
Led Light
Hydraulic Stabilizers
Basic Features:
Control System
Fire Extinguisher Box
Side Guard
recovery truck winch
Side marker lights
Side Marker Lights
tool box
Tool Box
Rear Hydraulic

Tilt & Slide Recovery vs Full Down Recovery


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