Marrel Skiploaders & Hook Lifts

Skiploader and hook lift trucks are two types of equipment used in the transportation and logistics industry for the handling and movement of goods. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Credits: Marrel


The first skiploader was created in 1950: a revolutionary chain system to load and remove bodies horizontally.Users can transport several nested skips on carriers and trailers: convenient for all types of construction sites!
Skiploaders are specialized vehicles used for transporting and dumping large containers or bins. They are commonly used in the waste management and construction industries, as well as in agriculture and mining.Skiploaders feature a hydraulic hook arm or lifting mechanism that can pick up and drop off containers of various sizes and shapes. The hook arm is mounted on a truck chassis with a hydraulic system that powers the lifting and lowering of the arm.The containers used with skiploaders are often designed with a roller system on the bottom, allowing them to be easily loaded and unloaded without the need for additional equipment. The containers can also be easily interchanged, allowing for efficient transport of a variety of materials.


  1. Separately controlled stands
  2. Fixed or telescopic main arms with or without upper crossbar
  3. Marrel manufactured cylinders
  4. Integrated safety to prevent miss-use


  1. Separately and simultaneously controlled telescopic units
  2. Integrated stands and underrun bar
  3. Anti-corrosion treatment: shot blasting of fabricated components
  4. Front planking with adaptable trays
  5. Side and front container chocking
  6. Approved lifting chains and swivels with safety latch

Rear hooks with automatic safety latch for secure locking of body. Telescopic stabilizers with independent controls guaranteeing stability.


Radio remote controls made for simple and ergonomic operation from outside the cab.

Hook lift truck

A hook lift truck is a type of vehicle used for the transport and handling of large containers or bins. The truck is equipped with a hydraulic arm with a hook at the end, which can pick up and move containers or bins onto and off the truck. Hook lift trucks are commonly used in waste management, construction, and other industries where large containers need to be transported.

Overall, both skiploaders and hook lift trucks are essential equipment in the transportation and logistics industry. Skip loaders allow for efficient and safe loading of bulk materials, while hook lift trucks provide a convenient and cost-effective way to transport large containers and bins.

Credits: Marrel

Credits: Marrel


  1. High tensile steel
  2. Cast parts for high- stress areas
  3. Marrel manufactured cylinders
  4. Integrated safety to prevent miss-use


  1. Removable hook or with safety latch
  2. The Marrel tilting frame provides unmatched lifting capacity
  3. Shot blasting and painting before assembly
  4. Customization: color on demand and wide range of accessories
  5. Optimized equipment height
  6. End-of-stroke damper integrated into the arm cylinders

Mechanical lock of main arm and tilting frame for safe tipping.


Engineered to load and unload in a short cycle time, the Ampliroll® hooklift increases efficiency and productivity.


Invented by Marrel, the tilting frame provides unrivalled power when it comes to body lifting. Its specific kinematics make it less prone to stress, especially in harsh operating conditions.

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