knuckle boom crane with grab on tipper truck

mounted knuckle boom crane with Grab

PM Truck has manufactured a Tipper and mounted knuckle boom crane with Grab on heavy duty Hino truck for a waste management company. Considered one of Italy’s finest cranes, the Fassi isn’t just a name, it’s a promise of precision and lifting prowess. But PM Truck takes it a step further. As a renowned Fassi dealer in the Middle East, they understand these cranes inside and out. Their dedicated R&D department even collaborates with Fassi to continuously optimize crane performance, making your operations effortlessly efficient.

knuckle boom crane with grab on tipper truck

For over three decades, PM Truck has built a reputation for uncompromising quality and strength. Their in-house manufacturing of tippers, coupled with the use of cutting-edge European technology, ensures your truck can handle even the toughest waste management challenges. They don’t just build tippers; they build workhorses built to last.

tipper with crane

Fassi F950 Crane mounted on Astra Truck

PM Truck, known for expertise in special applications, supplied a Fassi F950 crane mounted on an Astra truck. This powerful duo caters to demanding tasks, showcasing PM Truck’s commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Their experience shines in understanding specific needs and providing customized solutions. Choose PM Truck for advanced equipment and a team dedicated to your success. This latest delivery cements their reputation for innovation and empowering clients

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