Recovery Truck for GCC

Tilt and Slide Recovery Truck

PM Truck’s, the Half-Down Recovery Truck with remote control, not only revolutionizes winch truck in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE but also prioritizes safety. Beyond its innovative design, this truck prioritizes operator security with advanced safety features integrated into the remote control system. This breakthrough not only streamlines recovery operations but also sets a new standard for safe and efficient vehicle recovery across the Middle East.

Recovery truck in kuwait
full down recovery truck

Flat Top Recovery Truck

PM Truck’s Full Down Recovery Trucks have become the go-to choice in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. Known for their quality, style, and customization, these trucks handle low ground clearance vehicles with precision. The sleek design aligns with customer preferences, and customization options cater to diverse needs. The inclusion of remote control functionality adds a layer of safety and ease to operations, making PM Truck the top choice in the region’s dynamic automotive landscape.

Flat Top Recovery Truck With Box

PM Truck has revolutionized the towing industry with its latest recovery truck featuring a meticulously crafted box manufactured in Europe for premium quality. Designed to meet the specific needs of customers, this powerhouse is tailored for towing luxury vehicles, confidential automobiles, and sports cars. With its commitment to excellence, PM Truck’s recovery truck sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring secure and discreet transportation for high-end vehicles.

full down recovery with box
remote control for recovery truck

Remote Control For Recovery Truck

Manufactured in Europe

PM Truck has introduced remote control technology for winch vehicle, prioritizing operator safety during towing operations. By enabling operators to control the recovery process from a safer distance, the innovative system reduces the risk of accidents on busy roads. This user-friendly feature not only enhances safety but also streamlines the towing process, marking a significant advancement in the industry and showcasing PM Truck’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions for a safer roadside experience.

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