Fassi cranes are the ultimate heavy-lifting solution for a variety of industries in UAE when it is mounted by PM Truck Dubai it becomes more powerful, versatile, and easy to operate.

fassi crane

Fassi cranes have long been recognized as the supreme heavy-lifting solution across the crane industry. However, when these cranes are mounted by PM Truck, their capabilities soar to new heights which help to conquer Middle east and African market. The combination of Fassi cranes and PM Truck’s expertise results in a powerhouse that is more powerful, versatile, and remarkably easy to operate.

The incredible benefits of this collaboration, showcasing how Fassi crane in Dubai, when paired with PM Truck, become the epitome of efficiency and effectiveness in heavy-lifting operations. Get ready to witness the unrivalled power, versatility, and user-friendly nature of Fassi cranes when they join forces with PM Truck and PM Truck become the ultimate master dealer of Fassi crane in UAE since 1990.


Unleashing Power:

By mounting Fassi cranes on Renault trucks by Precision Machinery LLC (PM Truck), their lifting capabilities are amplified, allowing them to handle even the most demanding loads with ease. The combination of Fassi’s robust design and Renault truck‘s stability and powertrain results in an unbeatable force in the world of heavy lifting. Whether it’s construction materials, machinery, or other substantial objects, Fassi cranes by PM truck provide the immense power to tackle challenging lifting tasks.

Expanding Versatility:

The partnership between Fassi cranes and PM trucks brings an unparalleled level of versatility to heavy lifting operations. With PM truck’s customizable configurations and Fassi’s range of crane models, you have the flexibility to meet all requirements of your industry and applications. From compact city spaces to remote job sites, Fassi cranes on UD trucks are designed to adapt and excel in diverse environments, making them an asset across various industries.

UD truck mounted Fassi truck
fassi crane mounded on man truck

Simplifying Operation:

 Ease of operation is a key advantage when PM Truck mounded Fassi cranes on Man trucks. Man truck‘s user-friendly design, coupled with Fassi’s intuitive control systems, ensures operators can operate the cranes effortlessly. With ergonomic controls, precise movements, and simplified interfaces, the combined solution streamlines the lifting process and maximizes operator productivity. Even complex lifting operations become straightforward, allowing operators to focus on the task at hand.

fassi f50 crane

Enhancing Safety:

Safety is paramount in heavy lifting operations, and Fassi cranes mounted on Volvo truck by PM trucks prioritize the well-being of operators and job site personnel. PM always give high impotent for safety due to that Fassi have standardise by integrating advanced safety features into their designs. From stability control systems to load monitoring technology, the combined solution ensures secure and accident-free lifting operations. PM as Prominent truck body builder always choose only highly safe operation cranes which can give excellent outcome in the middle east and African market.

volvo truck

Ensuring Reliability and Durability:

When Fassi cranes are mounted on Isuzu trucks, durability and reliability are guaranteed because the crane is mounted by Precision machinery LLC. The combination of Fassi’s renowned crane technology and PM truck’s engineering excellence results in a reliable and high-performance solution for various applications. The combined solution offers long-term reliability, minimizing downtime and maintenance requirements.

isuzu truck UAE

Exporting cranes mounted on Isuzu, Hino, Volvo, Daf, Man, Renault etc… trucks by PM, to Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana etc…) and the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia) opens new horizons for heavy lifting solutions in these regions. The exceptional capabilities of cranes, combined with the reliability and durability of PM trucks, make them the ideal choice for the demanding industries and diverse landscapes found in Africa and the Middle East. Whether it’s construction projects, infrastructure development, or logistics operations, cranes mounted by PM trucks offer the power, versatility, and ease of operation required to excel in these markets. With a commitment to quality and performance, exporting cranes mounted by PM trucks to Africa and the Middle East brings reliable heavy lifting solutions that will drive growth and efficiency in these dynamic regions.

When it comes to the integration of Fassi cranes onto any truck by PM Truck, exceptional performance is not the only advantage. PM Truck goes above and beyond by offering excellent after-sales services for Fassi crane, making them a standout choice for customers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance, repairs, and spare parts availability. With a dedicated team of professionals and a vast network of service centers, PM Truck ensures that customers receive prompt assistance and reliable support throughout the lifespan of their Fassi crane in Dubai UAE -mounted truck. This commitment to excellence in after-sales services further enhances the value and reliability of choosing a Fassi crane mounted on any truck by PM Truck.

when a crane is mounted on any truck by PM Truck, it guarantees high performance and exceptional results. PM Truck’s expertise in crane mounting ensures that the crane is seamlessly integrated onto the truck platform, optimizing its capabilities, and providing unmatched efficiency. With PM Truck’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and engineering excellence, the crane mounted on any truck becomes a reliable and powerful solution for a wide range of lifting operations. Whether it’s construction, logistics, or utility work, the combination of a crane mounted by PM Truck delivers superior performance, enabling operators to handle heavy loads with ease, precision, and safety. By choosing a crane mounted by PM Truck, businesses can rely on a high-performance solution that enhances productivity and drives success in their operations.

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