Full down recovery truck with closed box in Dubai شاحنة استعادة كاملة الانخفاض مع صندوق

شاحنة استعادة كاملة الانخفاض مع صندوق

PM Truck's Closed Flat Top Recovery Truck: Confidence on the Road

شاحنة استعادة كاملة الانخفاض مع صندوق

Isuzu Truck: Renowned Isuzu truck platform provides a strong and dependable base.

PM Truck Quality: Built by a premium truck body builder in the Middle East, known for exceptional craftsmanship.

White Box with Black Curtain: Likely refers to the winch housing, with a sleek white exterior and a black curtain for a clean look.

Remote-Controlled Operation: Enhances safety and efficiency during recovery processes.

  • Premium Aesthetics: White box with black curtains offers a clean and professional look.
  • T-Door Rear Access: Facilitates easy loading and unloading of vehicles.
  • Side Covers: Provide additional protection and a premium finish.

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