Precision Machining division is an ISO 9001-2000 DNV certified location. This location specializes in manufacture of precision components and provides services to valued customers in various industries.

The Machining Division is a Hi-Tech machine shop with variety of CNC Machines. It has a CAD CAM facility for generating programmes for production of precision parts.

This division is manned by qualified engineers and technicians who have vast experience in the field of precision machining.

It has sophisticated quality control facilities as mentioned below.

  • FARO arm 3D measuring machine is used to measure large components at site with high level of accuracy
  • Spectrometer instrument is used to analyze the material composition with percentage and grade
  • Krant Kramer- Hardness tester is used for calibrating the material hardness in Rockwell and Brinell
  • We also have programmable water jet cutting machine and plasma-oxycut machine to cut any intricate profiles in materials like stainless steel, mild steel, acrylic, aluminium, acetal, marble etc.
  • Besides above we have conventional machines like turning, milling, slotting, drilling, shaping, grinding etc.


At other locations, we have HVOF (High velocity Oxy fuel) and Arc Wire Spraying Systems to deposit any type of hard surfacing powders on variety of applications.